2022 Virtuoso Symposium

Silversea Silver Dawn

Symposium aboard Silversea’s Silver Dawn was a dream! We started with a night at the Four Seasons Lisbon and dinner at Cura, the One Michelin Star Restaurant. Angela and I were fortunate to be seated at the table hosted by Guilherme Costa, General Manager of the hotel. The next day we transferred to the lovely Silver Dawn and that evening dined in S.A.L.T. At the table hosted by Silversea CEO Roberto Martinoli and his beautiful wife, Barbara Muckermann, CCO of Silversea. It was an evening of fascinating stories, including some of the race to repatriate guests ahead of the pandemic tidal wave!

The theme throughout our meetings held both at the Four Seasons and aboard the Dawn was centered on three topics: the way forward, the hiring, training, and keeping Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, and the attracting and satisfying the travel needs of those same segments as clients. Quite interesting! Especially since we had all three represented both in the presentations and in the ideation sessions.

We had ample time to network with many of our travel suppliers and hoteliers throughout the cruise. Amazing relationships are created and deepened over food and drink as well as during our structured networking times.
These relationships allow us to enhance your travels, clear waitlists, get honest assessments of conditions on the ground, and provide VIP treatment for you as you travel around the world with Wallace Pierson Travel in your back pocket! We feel our investment in Virtuoso and the events we attend pay great dividends to our clients! Next up is our annual trek to Las Vegas, where our team will meet with literally thousands of the top travel professionals from around the world. Stay tuned!!


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