Always with our antennas up IN SEARCH of new and exciting travel experiences Ange, Angela, Lynann, Tracy, Debbie, Dawn, and Mike have all committed to being members of the VAST Team! VAST contains the Virtuoso Active & Specialty Travel suppliers, believing that The World is VAST and it is our plight to Go Explore.

Meet the amazing group of suppliers! We have watched movies of Africa while enjoying Micato branded snacks, rode a train through Switzerland and saw the newest and greatest bikes that Backroads and Butterfield & Robinson offer. We traveled the world by bike, small ship, train and plane with the best of the best operators out there.  We learned more amazing ways to show those favorite places and experiences to you and are super excited to share this information with our clients!

We are doing continuing education all year and we are personally traveling with many of these wonderful companies this and next year, as we have done for many many years!

We invite you to call or email us to discuss some of your favorite travel destinations and activities.

Learn more about Virtuoso’s Active Adventures and Extraordinary Experiences VAST