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“Adventure & Expedition Travel” can mean many things to different people.

To our Wallace Pierson Travel team, the best Adventure & Expedition trips are those that take you off the beaten path and away from crowds; those that take you a little bit out of your comfort zone and offer experiences that can raise heartbeats, embrace the beauty of nature or allow you to become immersed in a destination’s local culture.

On March 21st, we shared time with four of our favorite Virtuoso Adventure & Expedition partners: Big Five Tours & Expeditions, Lindblad Expeditions, Natural Habitat, Inc. and Silversea Expeditions. Each company represented on the panel provides their own unique way to explore off-the-beaten path. Depending on the destination, the best option for you may be on a small group tour with Natural Habitat, a Custom Private Journey with Big Five Tours, or an expedition cruise with Silversea or Lindblad Expeditions.  

Our discussion topics for the evening ranged from what makes each partner unique, to the steps they are taking to help protect the environment & better the communities they visit, to the trends they are seeing in adventure & expedition travel.  

 It was an enjoyable and informative evening had by all. If you were unable to join us for the event, please view the recorded session.

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