Australia through the Eyes of Angela V

I have loved the land of Oz for many years now. I became an Aussie Specialist over 10 years ago and this is my third time here. The people are great (love the accent!) and there are such very unique things to experience. The strong influence of the Aboriginal culture has been a highlight on all my visits, but finally making it to Uluru did NOT disappoint. We did learn just the right way to experience it though and if visiting again or sending clients, 2 nights would be the prefect amount of time. I definitely want to make it back soon to see the Kimberley with one of our preferred suppliers (Lindblad Expeditions or Silversea) and a visit to Tasmania with Southern World Vacations!

One thing to get used to was not many vegetables at meals! We were always happy to find Thai and in Sydney, a fabulous Peruvian restaurant, as they always had lots of vegetables in the dishes like we are used to at home.

One thing I am always glad we do and have been most disappointed in my trips when I don’t, is having at least one guided excursion. We learn so much and can ask questions for a better understanding of what we are experiencing. Southern World has arranged THE best guides that know just how to make a tour fun for everyone in the family.

I am very happy with our mix of home stays and hotel stays. It is great, especially with such limited clothing, to have a washer and dryer in our home, but we are also very spoiled and used to 5 star Virtuoso hotels so the time at those with amazing service was welcomed as well!

Cheers, Oz, until the next time…

My travel Tips for Australia

If you plan to visit Uluru, fly into the Uluru Airport, not Alice Springs

Many make the mistake of flying into Alice Springs. While it may look close on a map, Alice Springs is still over a five hour drive across the desert from the National Park.

Schedule a guide for at least a half day in each destination

Having a half-day guide to showcase the highlights of a destination will help you become familiar with the area and provide an opportunity to ask any questions. You can accomplish and learn so much more when guided by a local. Instead of figuring out where to go next, you can sit back, take in the sights, and focus on the new surroundings.

Experience Australia

There are many ways to experience Australia- explore a few of the adventures you can enjoy with some of our Premier Preferred Partners! Contact any of our team members for additional information on any of our partners and to discuss which may be the best option for you.

Private Touring

We arranged for most of our family touring in Australia through Southern World.  We enjoy exploring new destinations by all methods of travel – cruising, touring, or on our own. The thing we like best about private custom tours is that we can collaborate with and design our experience exactly the way we want, under the expert guidance of a trusted local operator. 

With mom in meetings for our time in Melbourne, we don’t have any scheduled tours planned until we arrive in Uluru. Even though we didn’t have anything organized for a few weeks after we arrived, Southern World was kind enough to send an abundance of local touring options we could explore on our own during our first couple of weeks in Australia. The information was all waiting for us when we arrived in Melbourne, especially nice that we didn’t receive it at home and have one more thing to pack.


There are several options for cruising around the perimeter of Australia – Large ship, small ship, expedition. The cruises are a great way to see the sections of the country you may like to return to at a later date. With as long as it takes to get to Australia from the States, we recommend also organizing some pre-or post touring to explore some of the interior of the country as well.

Small Group Touring

Taking a tour with a small group provides the opportunity to experience the sites of Australia with other like-minded travelers on popular pre-designed itineraries.

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