Freedom… discovery… energy… inspiration… engagement… serendipity. These are some of the words Backroads guests use to describe why they love exploring by bike and on foot.

Active travel is about journeying through a fascinating region under your own power. On foot and on a bike, you can really get a visceral sense of place. Without any filters, you’re free to truly be where you are. The wind in your face. The sun on your back. Reconnecting with yourself and others. The feeling that right now, and for the next few days, you control your own destiny. And always just ahead, the next unexpected moment you’ll carry with you forever: a ruined castle shrouded in mist as the sun appears over the mountains… a flock of birds rising in a shimmering cloud from a vast river delta… a waiter lighting lamps on the café tables, saluting the village priest as he climbs the cathedral steps…

For nearly 40 years, Backroads has been setting the stage for moments like these in every corner of the globe—raising the bar that all such travel should aspire to.


Berkeley, CA (October 2, 2018) – Backroads, the World’s #1 Active Travel Company, today announced its top destinations for winter and holiday travel, from evergreen tropical hits like Maui or the sunny Sedona desert to the winter wonderlands of the Canadian Rockies and Yellowstone & Tetons. The company has added a brand-new bike trip in Sri Lanka to its list of hot winter travel destinations in Asia, including Vietnam & Cambodia, Bali and India.

Based on early sales bookings for 2019, Backroads also announced destinations trending popular with travelers next year. Europe remains a huge seller for the company, including destinations with Active River Cruises. North America is also trending hot with California Wine Country, Yellowstone & Tetons and Glacier National Park topping the list.

As the colder months approach in the Northern Hemisphere, trips in warmer regions south of the equator are top-sellers for Backroads, such as Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure trips in New Zealand and the Galapagos, and bike trips in Cuba and Chile. Over the holidays and into early 2019 is a great time to visit Latin America with your family to enjoy fewer crowds, fantastic weather, abundant wildlife and incredible scenery.

Backroads’ sales have shown that not all travelers migrate south in the winter – Snow Adventure trips in Canada’s Banff, Kootenay & Yoho, as well as national parks in Wyoming & Montana, are a unique way to spend the holidays and to see the flora and fauna of these remarkable regions in their uncrowded off-season. For the ultimate polar excursion, Antarctica’s frozen tundra awaits on an Ocean Cruise Multi-Adventure trip.

At a time of year when many are making New Year’s resolutions, Backroads is offering trips with yoga in 2019, adding this additional activity to many of its Hiking, Biking and Multi-Adventure itineraries. Yoga classes are designed to complement core trip activities, are suitable for all levels and are always optional. Sun-seekers can head to Palm Springs, Mexico’s Yucatán or Costa Rica, while other travelers can keep cool and see the northern lights on Iceland Multi-Adventure trips with – or without – yoga.

“There’s nothing like spending the holidays actively,” said Tom Hale, Founder and President of Backroads. “Whether it’s taking a vacation to a winter wonderland destination or enjoying the warmth of Maui, Sedona or Costa Rica, we’ve got holiday trips to suit every type of traveler.”

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Backroads, the World’s #1 Active Travel company, announced it is introducing yoga to a number of Backroads Walking & Hiking, Biking and Multi-Adventure Trips. Starting in 2019, guided yoga will be offered as a supplemental activity on 14 of the company’s itineraries —including Bali, India, Tuscany, Mallorca, Costa Rica, Maui and Santa Barbara. For almost 40 years, Backroads has been taking guests on active vacations all over the world; the addition of yoga complements the hiking and biking activities and fits seamlessly into the company’s travel philosophy.

The new Backroads trips with yoga will include an hour of daily Hatha-style yoga. Unlike traditional yoga-focused retreats, Backroads’ yoga sessions are an addition to current itineraries, complementary to other active endeavors and cultural excursions, and are intended to be fun, designed for all levels and completely optional. The classes are focused on stretching for flexibility, strength building and balance, and are designed to target essential muscle groups used while biking or hiking. Warm-up and cool-down periods are included in each session to prepare joints and muscles, and to aid in injury prevention and recovery. Based on the trip itinerary and/or location, yoga will usually be offered in the morning as an enjoyable way to prepare for an active day, or occasionally in the afternoon if that fits better into the flow of the day.

Backroads yoga “studios” will vary depending on trip itineraries, region and weather. Spas and lounge spaces at trip hotels will often be used for yoga classes to maximize time spent at exceptional, carefully selected properties. Beautiful outdoor areas with views over spectacular landscapes, beachfront settings and the decks of river cruise ships are just some examples of additional locations that the Backroads yoga team will use. The sessions will be led by Backroads Trip Leaders, all of whom have extensive yoga experience, and 95% are certified. High-quality yoga mats and yoga straps are provided. Offered at no additional cost, yoga-supplemented trips are perfect for both experienced yoga practitioners and guests who want to give yoga a try. They’re also great for couples and traveling companions with varying interests—one guest may be more yoga-focused while the other would rather sleep in or go for a run.

Earlier this year, we were fortunate to visit with Backroad’s Heidi Sheldon at The Beat Fitness.
If you were unable to join us and would like to view Heidi’s informative presentation, please view our recording of the event below.

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