Freedom… discovery… energy… inspiration… engagement… serendipity. These are some of the words Backroads guests use to describe why they love exploring by bike and on foot.

Active travel is about journeying through a fascinating region under your own power. On foot and on a bike, you can really get a visceral sense of place. Without any filters, you’re free to truly be where you are. The wind in your face. The sun on your back. Reconnecting with yourself and others. The feeling that right now, and for the next few days, you control your own destiny. And always just ahead, the next unexpected moment you’ll carry with you forever: a ruined castle shrouded in mist as the sun appears over the mountains… a flock of birds rising in a shimmering cloud from a vast river delta… a waiter lighting lamps on the café tables, saluting the village priest as he climbs the cathedral steps…

For nearly 40 years, Backroads has been setting the stage for moments like these in every corner of the globe—raising the bar that all such travel should aspire to.

Backroads New Bike Tours in 2018 include:
Chile’s Lakes & Volcanoes District
Croatia & Slovenia

Most Challenging Bike Tours
Hawaii’s Big Island | Mallorca
North & South Carolina | Provence
Pyrenees to Costa Brava
Southern Spain’s Andalucía | Tuscany

Most Leisurely
Bali | Holland & Belgium | Loire Valley
Parma to Verona

Food- & Wine-Focused Tours
California Wine Country
Champagne & Alsace
Charleston to Savannah Multi-Adventure

Most Unique
Bhutan Multi-Adventure
Cuba | Chile | Danube River Cruise
Israel | South Africa & Botswana Safari Multi-Adventure
Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Trips for Every Type of Biker
California Wine Country
Florida Keys Multi-Adventure
Santa Barbara to Ojai

Most Popular
California Wine Country
Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Family Favorites
Brittany & Normandy
Holland & Belgium
Ireland | Loire Valley | Thailand

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Company Rolls Out Brand New Custom Titanium Bikes in 2018
Backroads, the World’s #1 Active Travel company, in celebration of National Bike Month recently announced new 2018 bike tours to the popular destinations of Chile, Cuba, Portugal and Croatia & Slovenia. Additionally, Backroads is celebrating by rolling out entirely new high-performance custom-built titanium road bikes to go with their best-in-class bike fleet offerings.
Backroads offers bike tours for every kind of cyclist – from easygoing to epic as well as trips for families – with route options and extra route support to ensure everyone is well cared for and happy.

Earlier this year, we were fortunate to visit with Backroad’s Heidi Sheldon at The Beat Fitness.
If you were unable to join us and would like to view Heidi’s informative presentation, please view our recording of the event below.

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