Christina sets sail with SeaDream Yacht Club

Earlier this month, Christina and her husband Paco experienced SeaDream Yacht Club.
They experienced the “Best of the British Isles”, sailing from St. Thomas round-trip.

A few highlights from their adventure are listed below…


We loved that there was never a line or queue to wait in. With only 83 passengers and 97 crew members, they felt like family after two days of sailing! Everyone knew our names and we knew theirs. Many passengers had tears in their eyes as they disembarked on the final day and were looking forward to booking their next trip.

The food and beverage team were absolutely top-notch! We never expected to have such fresh ingredients each day and Chef Alistar was present at each meal to ensure everyone enjoyed everything! The menu changed every evening as did the wine selections. They had an amazing plant-based/Vegan menu that we enjoyed, even though we were not Vegan! All of the guests were excited to see what the menu options would be each evening and we were never disappointed. Creative and fun!

Sleeping under the stars on our own private Balinese Bed was definitely a highlight! This was a special touch that is not “advertised” but it’s all in who you know!

Planning it on the right night is key and we can help with that! It’s a perfect surprise element for a couple celebrating a honeymoon, birthday, anniversary or even a proposal!

Inclusive cruises are currently a great value when compared to resort properties. It’s rare that you’ll be able to find more personalized service than you will when you travel with a partner who has more staff on board than passengers. 

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