Are you a Global Citizen? Do you believe that borders divide, but travel unites?

With the world as your classroom, let us introduce you to the easiest ways to meet people and learn about other cultures and destinations.

So there you are, enjoying the perfect view from your favorite place on earth! Do you daydream about living somewhere else and strolling through markets, trying new foods, making new friends, maybe even learning a new language? Now that you can work and even school virtually, turning your daydream into a reality and taking an Extended Journey may be easier than you realize.

After having personally gone through the process of working and living abroad on all seven continents over the course of a year, we are well prepared to assist you on your own long term adventure. Planning an immersive adventure or extended journey can feel overwhelming at times. With so many things to consider, it may be difficult to determine where to begin. When supported by a team that can ask the questions you don’t yet know to ask, you will have travel experts in your corner, leading up to and throughout your own epic journey!

Whether you are looking for a residence in the center of nightlife, the business district, or securely surrounded by local families, we can connect you with our local contacts who can recommend your perfect neighborhood.  Then make the most of your time and enjoy no line entrance into attractions, member only access to clubs and even meals with locals such as chefs, diplomats and more.

Life's Best Moments:

A Guide to Extended Family Travel

Angela & Eric Pierson’s keynote speaker presentation during which they presented to both Travel Advisors and Travel Suppliers on their personal experiences with extended travel planning as part of the Re•Think Virtual Event in 2020.

Why Wallace Pierson Travel to assist with your adventure?

An extended journey on which you plan to work and live abroad is very different from a normal vacation. One cannot fully understand all that goes into it and the help that would be beneficial until going through the experience for themselves. In May of 2019, agency owners Angela & Eric Pierson, and their two daughters ages 7 & 9, spent a year on their own extended journey around the world, visiting all seven continents. The family returned home in March of 2020. After being on the go for almost a year and keeping up with work, school, and everything else in between, they are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

What services would make your life easier that Wallace Pierson Travel offers?



Creating a budget for your adventure can go a long way in alleviating the stress that comes from the unknown and will help answer the question you’ll be asked several times in the near future:  How much is this long trip going to cost? With a budget to use as a guideline, you’ll be surprised how much control you’ll have in determining the answer 


Destination Selection

There are many wonderful places to explore in the world. With our personal connections in the Virtuoso Network, we can assist with finding the areas that both align with your preferences and are eager to welcome long term travelers.



Whether you are looking for an extended stay in a hotel, or you are interested in a rental home, villa or apartment, we can work with our local contacts to ensure you are selecting the right neighborhood or area to reside in.


Essential Travel Gear

How much luggage to bring? What to pack pack? Where is WiFi a challenge? Which of the thousands of items people will say you must have are worth the effort and what items should you consider that you may not have thought of? Would you like someone who has taken their own extended journey ask you the questions to start you in the right direction.


General Research

What is the wifi coverage like where I am going? Who are the local cell providers and which one will be best for me? Will I need a car? Will I need a special Visa? 

Leveraging our relationships and contacts world-wide, we can help find answers to your questions quickly. 



Will children be part of your adventure? What options are out there for school? Traditional Virtual school, school in the destination, private tutor? What can you do to stay on track with classmates at home during your extended journey? Would you like to arrange local school visits for your child(ren) to see how school is similar and different? Allow our elementary or high school teacher assist in planning a custom curriculum for your family.



Yes, you’ll be “living the life of a local.” That doesn’t mean you can’t participate in some of the tourist activities while on your long term trip. A guided tour on arrival will give the lay of the land and highlights not to be missed. Even the best restaurants for locals. Having a travel advisor to assist you can also provide no lines entrance into any of the sites you want to visit and can choose a guide based on your interests such as birding, architecture, history, religion, etc



Even if you plan to purchase flights direct with the airlines, we can help you be a “smart shopper” and assist in finding the flights that have the best schedules along with the best fares.



Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Evacuation Insurance – depending on the length of the trip, you may not be eligible for most standard travel insurance policies. We can help you find the insurance options that meet your needs and provide protection for the “just in case” while on your long-term adventure.

Contact us when you are ready to begin planning the plans for your Extended Journey.

You can choose to keep us on retainer so we remain on call for you throughout your journey.

Or, you can opt to hire us by the hour if simply looking to have an experienced set of eyes help put together your personal plan.

Either way, we will be excited to assist with your long-term travel planning! 

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