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Let us put our experience and connections to work for you.

If you are planning an Executive Leadership Retreat, a Corporate Board Meeting, an Incentive Program, Destination Wedding, Family Reunion, or revising a former plan as we emerge post COVID-19,  our team of former hospitality operational and event managers is eager to assist. 

Our Services

Every group event or corporate program is a little different. 
Each presents it’s own unique set of needs and challenges.
Because we realize that there is no “One-size-fits-all” option for all meetings and group events, we offer our services bundled into a complete package or as a standalone option. 

Whether you are planning a meeting or event on Amelia Island, Florida, or another exciting venue around the world, there are several ways we can assist when hired to be your meeting consultant and event planning partner.



Identifying a budget can go a long way in planning a successful program. When discussed and identified early, an effective budget can help control costs and make the entire planning process more efficient.


Site Selection

When it comes to selecting a venue, there are thousands of options available. We will find out what is most important to you and source options that best align with your needs. Maybe something other than a hotel may be the ideal choice for you… 



We will negotiate a fair agreement on your behalf, working to secure the concessions most important to you while ensuring that you are familiar and comfortable with the terms and conditions. Our goal is always to negotiate a non-commissionable rate. We are working for you, not for the supplier.



Does your program have a theme or message you are trying to convey? Do you need to modify your agenda to maximize the use of your allocated meeting space?  Want to brainstorm about a different way of doing things and need help communicating your vision to the property in a way that they can pull it off successfully?


Time Management

Firm believers in the saying, “Work expands to fill the time allowed for it”, we can help you create a timeline to complete your planning in the most efficient way possible. Completing tasks way too early can sometimes be as harmful to a program as completing them too late.


General Consultation

Already have the site selected, and want to have a second set of eyes review the contract? Working through an Audio Visual proposal and need some guidance on what pieces are necessary? Tired of hotels assigning their least experienced event manager to manage your Senior Executive Leadership Team because of a smaller room block? As your general consultant, we can help ensure your high profile attendees receive the attention they deserve.


Food & Beverage

Creating a custom menu? Debating on how much food to order for your reception? How much food is too much, or not enough? Need to trim a few dollars from a menu and not sure where to begin? Is there a better resource to ask than our  former luxury hotel Banquet Chef?


Event Order &

Resume Review

Allow us to review your event documents, with an eye for detail and in search of savings. Accurate documents, distributed on time can go a long way in determining a program’s success.


Final Bill Review

Hotel teams are often under pressure to send final bills out quickly, increasing the chance of error. A thorough review of the final bill will often discover small mistakes that can result in big savings. 


Successful businesses have people filling roles of their strength.
Most hotels won’t have their chief engineer running their front desk or their Director of Sales and Marketing running their Engineering department. We encourage you to view the task of planning your meeting in the same manner. Keep those in your organization focused on what they do best, and allow us to help you manage the planning of your program. Our years of hotel operational experience paired with the connections and leverage we receive through the Virtuoso Network are a powerful combination that we will gladly put to work for you.

Whether combining a number of our services together or hiring us to perform a specific task, we can assist with the planning of your program on three separate levels:

Contracting & Site Selection
Full Event Planning
Hourly Meeting Consultant

If you have an individual or a team who enjoys planning the events, allow us to act as your independent consultant and sounding board. We can take the lead, or work in the background, supporting those in your organization assigned to handle the planning process.

Together, we will plan a memorable event as efficiently as possible while ensuring you are receiving the best value for your dollar.


Who We Are

We are a team of former hoteliers who’s hospitality experience includes more combined years of experience than we like to acknowledge. Collectively, over the years, we’ve held positions in the roles of Sales & Marketing, Food & Beverage, Culinary, Human Resources, Destination Services, and Event Planning. As effective communicators fluent in hotel operational language, we are able to accomplish our goals quickly, efficiently, and in a way that will best position your program for success.

To streamline the planning process for you, we will provide you with one point of contact on our team. We then work together behind the scenes, relying on each others’ expertise as needed to accomplish the task at hand. 


Next Step

Curious to learn more and see if we can help you with your next group event? 

The first step is a phone call to discuss your program and understand how we can assist. After we’ve connected, we will follow up with a proposal, clearly  defining the charges for our professional services. Our business model is built with the understanding that we are being hired by you to work for you, in your best interest. 

Regardless of whether we are helping source the perfect venue, plan a memorable event, or offer our consultative advice as you navigate your way through the entire process, we are excited to assist. 

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