Hawaii through the eyes of Angela V

Our quick stop in Kauai was the perfect way for our family to break up the long trek from Florida to Australia. I visited Kauai years ago and was super excited to return with Eric and the girls. Of course the best part was spending time with great friends. 

Seeing travel through the children’s eyes started immediately! When we landed in Kauai, I woke Angela up saying she made it to Hawaii and before her eyes were all the way open, she had a HUGE, infectious smile spread across her face. THIS is what makes it all worth it!

We learned so much about Neil’s new home while touring around with him. The blow hole that the girls were so enthralled with, is one of the only left on the island because they blew most of them up years ago to stop the salt spray from killing the sugar cane crops. We also enjoyed a brief stop at a botanical garden where Neil showed us a Noni fruit…that nobody really likes. We figured a really smart marketer came up with the “cure all” Noni Juice…none of us like that either. 

While on that 65 foot catamaran, sitting on a trampoline, catching air over huge waves and getting drenched, I whispered into Angela’s ear, “Thank you for having the idea of this trip. I’m going to remember this day forever!” She grinned at me and hugged my arm tight and said “me too!”

One other funny memory I will hold onto was crossing the hanging bridge in a small artist community on the island. Emily did not like feeling it move under her and she walked faster than I have ever seen her walk, looking VERY serious until she reached the end then looked back at us with a huge grin seeing her accomplishment and hugged us all quite tightly when we made across to survival with her. 

So many great memories including just the three of us girls swimming and jumping waves at Salt Pond Beach and watching Eric catch up with a super great, long-time friend over a beer on the beach. I know, deep in my soul, that this trip is indeed the best decision for our sweet little family! 

Now, let’s see what the land of Oz has in store!

Angela's Travel Tips for Kauai

Explore with a local

We really enjoyed exploring Kauai by both land and water. We found so many benefits in having a local guide for both tours. Our family always enjoys trips and remembers them so much more when we are learning while experiencing the destination!


If you plan an extended stay in a condo, check to see if there is Air Conditioning. Many of the older condos don’t and if the breezes slow down, it can get warm indoors.

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  1. Your time in Kauai sounded and looked amazing! When my Eric and I were stationed in Oahu, we went to Kauai and the Napali Coast as well. I have vivid memories of our hikes, the beautiful waterfalls we can upon, the snorkeling, and the helicopter ride we took to get a bigger picture of it all. I’ve been thinking of you and your sweet family! We are in the throes of our move, but I’ll keep up with you when I can! Safe travels!

    1. Claudia, that is super cool! It truly is beautiful. I am SUPER excited to hear about your new home and seriously hope we can find a way to meet up with you once we get to Europe this summer!!!

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