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Kauai, Hawaii through the eyes of Emily

In Hawaii, we saw these really cool weeds that when you touched them, they would fold up and we went to a spot called Whaler’s Cove where turtles rested.

We also went to the top of a mountain and got out to see the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. I liked eating the apple bananas, and we found good ice cream at the chocolate shop next to Captain Andy’s as well as some at Lamberts.

The spinner nose dolphins were fun to watch as they jumped in and out of the water around the boat while we were on our snorkel boat day trip.

Emily's Travel Tips for Kauai, Hawaii

Salt Pond Beach & Whaler's Cove

You can find many fun little creatures on the rocks and in the tidal pools at Salt Pond Beach. It’s fun to find the resting sea turtles in Whaler’s Cove

Waimea Canyon

Be careful riding up to the top of Waimea Canyon if you get car sick. The streets are very windey

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