Kauai through the eyes of Angela VI

I was very excited to get off the plane after being surrounded on the by old coughing people on the flight.  Once on Kauai, we met up with the first person who hired daddy as a chef (now a friend), Neil. On the first day, Neil took us on a tour. First we went to see a secret resting spot for turtles. The second place we went was to see the blow-hole. It was a lot like a geyser. Neil told us that the legend was there was a big lizard inside the blowhole that would breathe loudly, and you could hear the loud noise every time the the water came out. Then we went to Neil’s house and saw all his plants and stuff. Then we went to where he and Angie work to visit with Angie. After the visit, we picked up some local snacks from a convenience store and ate them at the beach. After a short swim, we drove to the top of Wiamea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. From our trip to the canyon, we returned to the Condo for a swim in the pool before dinner.

Our second day, Neil and Angie helped us get a reservation on a catamaran boat cruise. On the front of the boat, there were trampolines. We couldn’t jump on them, but the ocean jumped for us. We got really wet riding up and down the waves and had a nice time snorkling. On the way back, the captain let me drive the boat. It was a great day on the yacht.

Our last day, we spent the morning exploring on our own. We visited the hanging swinging bridge, stopped to see the turtles one more time, and found some tasty ice cream before meeting up with Neil one more time for a light dinner before heading to the airport.

Angela VI's Tips for Kauai

Captain Andy's Nepali Coast Sail & Snorkel

Take a seat on the trampoline on the front of the boat. It’s the best place to watch out for the spinner dolphins and it’s fun to get tossed around and splashed by the waves. After the cruise, two doors down from Captain Andy’s is the chocolate shop where we found our favorite Ice Cream on the island. Lambert’s had good ice cream too, but the Waffle cones were soggy.

Waimea Canyon

Try not to go up to Wiamea Canyon if you can’t see the top when in the town below. It’s a long drive up and there isn’t too much to see when it’s real foggy. On a clear day, it’s great, but hard to see the waterfalls through all the clouds.

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