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The Pierson's Tauck Bridges Family River Cruise

After our two nights exploring Paris and adjusting to the time, we hopped on the TGV and took the short ride to Lyon where we boarded the MS Emerald, our home for the following week.

As we have experienced first hand and heard over and over from all who travel with Tauck, our time on the boat exceeded our expectations.
Seven days of adventure exploring Provance, each day filled with new fun to discover. 

One day we were taking a cooking class at the restaurant of a 2-Star Michelen chef and tasting all we could at the Vahlrona chocolate factory, the next, sharing time with the French cowboys of the Carmargue to learn about the difference between the Spanish and French versions of the “Bullfight” in which the French Bulls are the heroes rather than the villains. We learned about history as we followed the footsteps of the Popes exploring the Palace de Papis, the pope’s castle from the 14th century, and then walked through the Pont du Gard, the ancient aqueduct that dates back to 40AD

As they are known to do so well, Tauck took care of all of the details, so we could spend time together as a family and get he most out of every minute. From coordinating a game of family pétanque, to arranging the details of every excursion along the way, it was easy for us to be as active or calm as we wanted. Sometimes the kids entertained each other flying kites on the top deck, dining at the kids barbecue, or playing games in the lounge. Other times explored the windy cobble stone streets as a family,  playing pétanque or riding a ferris wheel or carousel. Each day we were kept busy, both adults and kids entertained and engaged as we floated through the French countryside from one small city to the next. 

Emily tries her hand at pétanque
Ella by the garden that sits inside the medical facility where Picasso spent time healing
Emily in her cooking class
Watching the young bullfighters train to grab the ribbon from the bull's horns
Walking through the Pont du Gard, the Roman aqueduct, now a World Cultural Heritage site, dating back to 40AD
Horse time with the cowboys of the Camargue
Riding the Ferris Wheel
Exploring the old cities
Have we had enough Vahlrona Chocolate? Never!
Exploring an old cathedral

While exploring the Palas des Papis – the popes palace, our guide stepped up on the altar and gave us a demo of the amazing acoustics. 

After an amazing week on the boat, another adventure had come to an end and we boarded the plane for our flight home. If we can help arrange a similar adventure for your family, please contact us-

Tauck does an amazing job with all of their tours, their Tauck Bridges tours are no exception

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