Honeymoon Registry

You might think of your Honeymoon as the “icing on your wedding”. So much time and energy has gone into the planning and execution of that memorable day! Now it is just the two of you. All that is left is to make some lifetime memories that are just yours. But there has been some planning to make sure this is the perfect memory too!

Sometimes planning the honeymoon is a little like “Designing travel for the Sexes”! Suddenly you find that your ideas of the perfect honeymoon are a bit different! You might agree that South Africa is a perfect venue. Then he mentions that he really wants to climb Kilamanjaro since you are that close! Or you might think seven days on a beach in Hawaii is the perfect chance to relax as he casually mentions that he is allergic to the sun!
An unbiased third person may be better to sort out the answers.

Although it sounds comical, I have heard these and many more. This is where a really good travel consultant can help. It is all about asking the right questions to help the couple focus on this trip and what will make it the perfect honeymoon for two! It helps to have an unbiased third person to sort out the answers and reflect them back in a useful manner. For instance, what do you enjoy doing together most? Where have you traveled that made the greatest impression on you? Why? Are you willing to spend some time apart to accommodate some individual “have to do’s”? You will take many more trips in your life where you might indulge individual preferences. Perhaps this one trip is about highlighting the things you most cherish doing together.

I also love the honeymoon registry option we offer couples, as family and friends can contribute to this “once in a lifetime” trip! The special touches and amenities added just for honeymooners never cease to surprise and delight.

Make a donation to an existing Honeymoon Registry. Please list the recipient’s name in the box, “Add Special Instructions to the Seller”

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TIP: Wherever you choose to honeymoon, send each other two or three postcards with one or two special memories. When you receive them at home, put them away. Take them out at anniversaries or other special times. Remember how happy you were together on that very specially chosen Honeymoon!

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