The world has opened back up post-pandemic. Plenty of press about travel woes. Our’s was the opposite with exception of airline delays. Our trip included 2 embarkation points, 3 overlapping itineraries, and different arrival and departures to/from Italy. Tracy did a fantastic job arranging all the airfare, train travel, and hotel accommodations. We wanted a food & wine focused trip and include cultural sites too. One week, all 6 participants visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. Tracy introduced us to well versed travel partners & arranged our itinerary. We were not disappointed. We had multiple food & wine events mixed in with cultural tours in all 3 cities with free time to explore. The second week, 4 of us spent on a previously arranged Tuscany cooking adventure. Two of us stayed a total of three weeks with a separate Prosecco tour and a weekend visiting friends. No doubt, Tracy’s expertise and attention to every facet of our successful trip has left us with a lifetime of memories.
Happy Traveler – July 2022

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