Pierson Family
Around the World Adventure

Eric, Angela and their daughters have decided to take a family around the world adventure, and take a year to work remote as we explore.

Already planning to be in Australia for a Virtuoso meeting in May of 2019, we plan to begin with 3-4 weeks in Australia.

From Australia, the general itinerary is as follows:
3-4 weeks in New Zealand
1-2 weeks in Mongolia
2-3 weeks in Northern India
2-3 weeks in Northern Europe
2-3 weeks in Switzerland
2-3 weeks in Slovenia
2-3 weeks in Croatia
3-4 Weeks in Spain and Portugal
After Europe, we will head on to enjoy the South America summer November-January or February
1 month in Argentina/Patagonia
1 month in Chile
2 -3 weeks in Uruguay

From South America, we will work our way through Central America before returning to the United States:
Costa Rica
Baja/Sea of Cortez

  If all goes as planned, we will return home during the spring of 2020.

In most countries, we will rent a house or apartment and do our best to experience the communities and culture of each location.
We will continue to work and school each morning and take as many day trips as we can from the “home base” on the weekends, etc.

We would like to incorporate some small group guided tours in a few of the destinations.

Are there any places you feel the Pierson family should know about or any places you’d like to meet up with us to join us on our adventure?
Help us in the planning!

We may be interested in joining you on a tour
while you are in:

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