The Pierson's Tauck Bridges 2023:

Red Rocks & Painted Canyons

The Pierson's Tauck Bridges 2023: Red Rocks & Painted Canyons

We returned last week from another fantastic adventure with Tauck Bridges – this year, we explored the Red Rocks & Painted Canyons of Arizona and Utah.

Our journey began with a night in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we met our new friends and fellow traveler companions for the week.  We were fortunate that we had a very small group, only 15 in total – seven kids & eight adults. We instantly gelled on the first night and had a wonderful week of experiences together.

Like our past trips with Tauck Bridges, we made the most of our time while Tauck managed the details. From the Grand Canyon to Lake Powell, then up to Bryce and Zion National Parks, our Tour Director and Bus Driver handled all the heavy lifting. When arriving at each destination, we’d be handed our room keys on the coach, dinner reservations had already been confirmed, luggage waiting in the room, and local hike recommendations printed with directions on accessing the trail heads. We could step off the coach and explore rather than waste time waiting in lines. Each night, Traci, our tour director, would advise us of the time to have the bags packed and set by the door so the bags could be retrieved while we were enjoying breakfast. 

Together, we learned about the Grand Canyon, took a spirited jeep ride and short hike through a slot canyon, went flight-seeing over Lake Powell, floated a short section of the Colorado River, rode horses and mules through Bryce Canyon, and hiked along the trail and across the river in Zion National Park. Every day was a different unique experience. We were a little concerned about visiting the southwest during the heat of summer, and while the stops on both ends were hot (Scottsdale & Las Vegas) the parks between at the higher elevations were quite comfortable. 

Our week flew by, and before we knew it, our coach was driving down the strip in Las Vegas, our final night at the Four Seasons Hotel. None of us were ready for the trip to end, so along with the other adults, we all surprised the kids with tickets to the David Copperfield show after the Tauck Farewell dinner. (The show was separate from the tour – it gave us all one more experience to share before packing up) We enjoyed one final feast at the Four Seasons Sunday brunch the following day before returning home.  

After a week of so many memorable experiences, we asked the kids their favorite part of the trip. The answer, not too much of a surprise – the people. A Tauck trip tends to attract like-minded travelers. When Tauck handles the logistics and details so well, we can all relax and truly soak in the experience together. Ultimately, we all return home with great memories and several new friends. 

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