2017 Virtuoso Travel Week

You may have seen the pictures of our annual team trip to Vegas where we had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of our Virtuoso Travel Partners. While there was plenty of fun to be had – we also had the opportunity to develop and foster invaluable business relationships while learning about several new product updates.

Meetings in session

We spent the better part of each day stationed at our tables, meeting with the suppliers to improve our product knowledge and learn about new updates. Over 5600 participated in the week-long event, representing 103 countries. The mix was about 50/50 Advisors to Suppliers.

After seven hours of daily travel “Speed-dating”, evening receptions provided additional opportunities for networking in a less formal setting.

We return home with valuable pieces of information from both the tables and the receptions, and the relationships formed while doing so will help us know who best to recommend when you are ready to take your next trip.

Below, a few of the properties and promotions we learned about are listed.

Please ask your advisor for additional information on anything of interest. Because each property is a member of Virtuoso, a reservation made through Wallace Pierson Travel will include added value amenities that you won’t receive if booking direct.


Central & South America

North  America