Wilderness Safaris

On December 5, 2017, we were fortunate to visit with James Currie of Wilderness Safari’s.

James reminded us of the many different experiences we can enjoy while visiting the vast continent of Africa.

From the beaches of the Seychelles to the desserts of Namibia to witnessing the great migration in Kenya & Tanzania, to the mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes of Rwanda, there is sure to be a Wilderness Safari’s lodge that can offer private access to some of the most remote and pristine wilderness destinations in Africa.

If you were unable to join us for the event and would like to listen to James’ informative and entertaining presentation, please view our recording below.

Contact us when you are ready to plan your next African adventure! In the last two years, Lynann, Angela & Eric have all spent time at Wilderness Lodges in Botswana, and Ange & Tracy have visited Kenya and Tanzania.

While more than two years ago, it seems like only yesterday when Eric & Angela visited the volcanoes of Rwanda to visit with the gorillas. To date, it is one of their favorite travel experiences. The video James shared of his experience with the gorillas is exactly as Angela & Eric remember when they had their own adventure.

Camp Options

Wilderness Safari’s offers many amazing lodging options at their Premier, Classic & Explorations Camps, several with opportunities to sleep out in the bush under the big African Sky.

photos courtesy of Wilderness Safaris

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