Wallace Pierson Travel Presents:

The Japan National Tourism Organization & Silversea

Wallace Pierson Travel Presents:

The Japanese National Tourism Organization & Silversea

On January 30th, Rose from the Japan National Tourism Organization visited with us and took us on a virtual tour of Japan, highlighting the experiences we can enjoy while visiting the many regions of Japan.

If you weren’t able to join us for the informative presentation, please view the recording of the event.


Cruise Japan on Silversea with Ange in March, 2026

Japan focused itineraries are some of Silversea’s most popular, allowing you to visit several of the regions highlighted in Rose’s presentation. 

Ange is currently organizing a Wallace Pierson Group sailing Round-trip Tokyo, departing March 22, 2026. Contact your Wallace Pierson Travel advisor if you are interested in joining the group!

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