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WPT Presents: Viking

Viking Overview: 00:00; Viking Classic River: 13:44;
Viking Ocean – 26:31; Viking Expedition – 37:09;
Viking  Great Lakes – 47:31; Viking Mississippi – 51:40

Wallace Pierson Travel Presents:  Viking


After adding the newest Ocean, Expedition, and USA Mississippi River Ships to the already expansive classic Viking River Cruise fleet, Viking now offers options for cruising most of the world’s waterways on their innovative ships. 

Last week, we had the pleasure of visiting with Darren Dolan of  Viking so that Darren could share the latest updates across the Viking portfolio. 

With so many options, there was a lot to cover. An outline of the video timing is below.
Feel free to view the full recording, or skip ahead to the section that interests you the most

Viking overview: 00:00 – 13:43
Classic Viking River: 13:44 – 26:30
Viking Expedition: 37:09 – 47:30
 Great Lakes: 47:31 – 51:39
Mississippi River: 51:40 – 1:06:48

As a show special, Wallace Pierson Travel will be offering an extra $100 shipboard credit on any new Viking Cruise reservations made by October 31, 2020 through Wallace Pierson Travel. Contact us when you are ready to plan your next Viking Cruise!

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